Welcome to Exotic Ora Beach Resort official site!

Family owned resort in secluded part of Seram Island in Maluku accessible only by boat.

Ora Beach Resort is located between scenic highlight,Teluk Sawai – a beautiful wide bay dramatically backed by cliffs and rugged, forested peaks and Saleman village – famed for flocks of bat-like Lusiala birds which emerge at dusk from a cave above the village, supposedly bearing the souls of human ancestors. The Resort with marvelous spongy, white sand comprises 8 stilted bungalows, 10 standard rooms and a restaurant. It provides a natural, private and tranquil location to relax and unwind.

Hi from Ora
Hi from Ora

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Check and download packages and information about Ora : English version | Indonesian version

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Contact us to get more information.

Email: info@exoticorabeach.com

Phone/fax: +62911361970  and  +6281248896616

WhatsApp: +6281248896616

LineID-Instagram-twitter: OraBeachResort

Thank You!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Exotic Ora Beach Resort official site!

    1. Dear Mr Pavel
      the price for 1 room 1.089.000,-
      we would like to have your contact number to get in touch faster with you.


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